Addictive unfair game

By levzver

Unfair MarioWhat comes first in mind when you hear word Mario? For me it is sweet childhood memories about playing this amazing computer game, it was extremely fun and addicting as well, I used to play it all day long without getting tired at all. Times have passed, things have changed and today I want to present you amazing new version of the game - Unfair Mario, with some interesting updates.

Why it is called unfair?
There are ten levels in the game, you may think that passing ten levels is very simple and easy to accomplish, but you will find out pretty soon that it is quite difficult. You see there are tons of hidden traps in the game, for example you see safe ground where you can walk, but as soon as you step on it ground falls under your feet and you are dying, or you want to jump on some object, but as soon as you land on it, it falls down and you are dead again, sometimes bricks can fall on your head as well if you will walk underneath it. This is why game is called Unfair Mario, it is extremely hard to succeed in it and logical thinking won’t help you here.

However, don’t worry, there is a simple trick to win levels and reach finish flag. It is all about making mistakes, don’t be afraid to fail, this way you will be able to remember exact location of the different traps, they are always at the same spot, if you will die once next time you will know for sure where is trap located and how to avoid it. Unfair Mario is a game where you can test your memory, it is okay to make mistake once, but learn your lesson from it and do your best to avoid failure next time and you will reach finish line soon enough.

Controls of the game are quite simple and comfortable to use.
Left and right arrow keys – Move in different directions.
Up arrow key – Jump.
Space bar button – After death you can hit space bar and retry level once again.

Index of failure
One more funny moment, game counts how many times you have died, like I have said before making mistakes in this game is impossible to avoid, but you can avoid being fooled twice on the same trap, I’m telling this because the less death you have at the finish line the more it can speak about your gaming skills and ability to remember.

Even though game is hard as hell it is very popular and addicting as well, game can be played from your browser and if you are at work or if you are feeling bored you can visit and play it all day long for free, online. You can also visit and play amazing Crunchball 3000 for free.